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De Nederlandse School in Bethesda

The Bethesda Dutch School

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Dutch / Nederlands
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Karen van Loon
+1 (703) 945 5337

The Bethesda Dutch School offers lessons in Dutch Language and Culture for three hours a week (Saturday mornings from 8.30 till 11.30am for "groep 7" through "Voortgezet Onderwijs" and from 8.45 till 11.45 for all other students). Classes are offered to those students whose families will return to The Netherlands, as well as those students who are simply learning Dutch. The Bethesda Dutch School is not the same as the American FLES system. We will not enroll students who do not have at least one parents fluent in Dutch.

In addition to the classes on Saturday morning, during which Dutch Language (reading, writing, spelling and speaking) are taught, the Bethesda Dutch School also offers 4 to 6 Cultural activities throughout the school year . These activities are part of the school year, students are obliged to participate.

The Bethesda Dutch School opened its doors on September 13, 2008 and has currently about a 120 students enrolled. The school employs 10 teachers and 10 teacher aides.

Classes take place at St. Bart’s and the Unitarian Church both on River Road. The school has access to 8 classrooms at St. Bart's and 4 classrooms at the Unitarian Church. In september 2014 the school will move to The British School in Washington, DC.

The Bethesda Dutch School is conducted by a governing board supported by all parents who have children in the school. For optimal functioning of the Bethesda Dutch School, parent support, enthusiasm and involvement is considered essential. All parents are invited to attend parent meetings twice a year during which the board informs all parents on policies and finances, the teachers explain the lesson plans (both language and cultural education) and introduce new learning materials, and parents have the possibility to ask questions, propose possible improvements and in general have to approve all developmental plans for the school.