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German Language Courses

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German / deutsch
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Kerstin Hopkins
+1 (301) 767 3815

The GLC offers German courses for children ages 3 and up, teens, and adults at all proficiency levels. We also offer literature classes for adults and media classes for students ages 15 and up. While increasing communicative and intercultural competence the German language proficiency improves with the assistance of highly qualified and motivated German instructors.

Over 500 students visit the beautiful campus in Potomac, Maryland on Wednesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. The GLC was awarded the prestigious Center of Excellence Award by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and was named a PASCH school by the German Secretary of State. Furthermore, in cooperation and under supervision of the German Educational Ministry, the GLC administers a variety of German language exams, such as the "Deutsches Sprachdiplom I/II" and the "Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit" A1/A2".The AATG National German Exams for High School Students are also offered by the GLC.

Our classes are divided in three groups to accommodate all language learners of all proficiency levels:

  • German for beginners
  • German as a second language
  • German as a first language (native speakers)

Learning German is fun at the GLC and next to German classes of very high standards, we make sure parents and students get to enjoy German foods every Saturday, as well as spent some quality time in our extensive libraries. Students and parents are always invited to take part in many cultural events, such as the Oktoberfest, St. Martin's Parade, German Christmas Market and Christmas Party and much more.