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Magyar Iskola

Hungarian School

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Hungarian / Magyar
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Kinga Porst Hydras

Hungarian school takes place every second Sunday between 2-5pm.
Magyar Iskola vasárnap délután 2 órától 5 óráig.

About Us

The first Washing DC area Hungarian School and Kindergarten was founded in October 2009. This is the result of a dedicated organization of parents living in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. This is a friendly environment for children to learn in two groups for the school and kindergarten ages. The children learn during the lessons Hungarian songs, games, and have the opportunity to advance in reading, writing, Hungarian history?s major events, and Hungarian traditions.

The lessons held by parents supporting the school through volunteerism. The school is self sufficient and there is a minimal tuition which goes toward the cost of the classroom rent, school supplies, and other holiday preparations.

The children and parents attending the school make up a wonderful community.


  • Practice Hungarian language and vocabulary development with simlar aged children
  • Hungarian Culture, Familiarity with Hungarian Geography and History
  • Hungarian Stories, poems, songs, dance, and games
  • Reading and Writing in Hungarian
  • Celebration of Hungarian Holidays: Carnival, Easter, Mother's Day, St. Nicholas and Christmas
  • Group activities: discussions, singing, games, and crafts

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